Fees and polices

CONSULTATION FEES  (Effective August 15, 2022)

Initial Consultation –  in person

  • 60 minutes $480

Follow up Consultation – phone or in person

  • Less than 10 minutes $75
  • 20 minutes $150.00
  • 30 minutes $225.00
  • 45 minutes $337.50
  • 60 minutes $450

Please note: Any appointment over 60 minutes long will be charged at $7.50/minute.

The Restorative Medicine Center does not accept any insurance plan, nor bill insurance on your behalf. We will supply you with a “superbill” or medical receipt that you can submit to your carrier. Please be aware that this will go towards your out of network deductible and out of pocket costs. We make no guarantee of payment or reimbursement by your insurance carrier.

LabCorp is located in the office as a benefit to our patients. They accept most insurances, but patients are urged to check with your carrier prior to having the labs drawn. All billing and coverage questions are to be directed to LabCorp. Dr. Birkmeier does not have an affiliation with Lab Corp nor does she receive any compensation for the services they provide.

*** Dr. Birkmeier is an Opted Out Medicare Provider. If you have any of the following insurances,(Medicare and Tricare), you may not submit for reimbursement for your office visit payments.  Dr. Birkmeier does not accept patients with Medicaid insurance as she is not enrolled in CHAMPS.  Labs and prescriptions are separate expenses and are billed by the lab and Pharmacy that your insurance uses. If you have any questions on coverage with these please contact the Lab or Pharmacy directly. 


Dr. Birkmeier-Fredal Hours

Monday thru Thursday 9-5

We are closed on Fridays.  All messages will be addressed on the Monday following.

Phones are off, but will allow messages from 12-1 for Staff Lunch.

Office visits and telephone consultations are by appointment only.


Appointments can be scheduled by telephone.  In order to hold your initial appointment a $250 deposit must be paid in full at the time of scheduling.  It is non-refundable if you no show for your appointment or cancel with less than 3 business days notice.

Payment is due in full at the time of each consultation. Methods of payment are: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, check, and cash.

All initial paperwork must be completed, signed, and received by our office preferably 2 business days prior to your scheduled appointment. Please provide any prior clinical notes and test results at this time also that are to be reviewed by Dr. Birkmeier at the beginning of your initial appointment.

A phone consultation requires an active credit card on file.  You will be able to review your bill prior to your credit card being charged. If paying by check for a phone consultation, the check must be received in advance of the consultation.

Follow-up consults may be scheduled in 30 or 60-minute blocks of time.  Please be respectful of other patients and come to your appointment prepared so that we can finish within the allotted time.

Consultations with other healthcare providers and/or any research requested by the patient are billable services and will be charged at the hourly rate.

Medical letters to schools, insurance companies, disability, etc. are a billable service. If these items are requested and agreed upon, there may be an additional charge based on the time involved at the hourly rate to complete your request. ** Dr. Birkmeier does not provide assistance with any type of disability or FMLA filing for patients, you will need to contact your Primary Care Doctor for this.

Phone and Video Consultations
The provider will call you at the time of your scheduled consultation. Please allow a 10-15 minute window from your appointment time to hear from us. We will notify you if we are running late so that you know when to expect the call.

Cancellations & No Shows
We require a 3 business day notice on all cancellations/reschedules. Any less notice and we do charge a cancellation fee of 100% the cost of the missed appointment. Please understand that a missed appointment could have gone to another patient.

Questions and Follow-Up
Please utilize the patient portal regarding uncomplicated questions about your care. Questions must be brief and concise. Patients are limited to 2 messages between appointments. If the questions involve Dr. Birkmeier-Fredal to open and refer to your chart then a phone or or office consult is needed to answer your question(s). Otherwise, the administrative assistant will respond to your inquiry. When leaving a voice mail message, please be brief and concise and always include your name and phone number, including the area code.

Email Policy
All emails containing protected health information must be sent through the patient portal.
While the portal is a convenient way to communicate with the office, please be aware that responding to emails does take time and expertise.
We try to accommodate questions regarding treatment clarification at no charge. Simply put, if you have a quick/ simple question about a supplement or diagnostic test we recommended or a therapy reaction you may be experiencing, by all means contact us.
If your email inquiry requires the doctor to access your chart and study aspects of your case in order to answer the question then we will request that you schedule an in office or phone consultation.

We do not carry supplements or products recommended by Dr. Birkmeier-Fredal to purchase in our office.  A wide variety of supplements and products can be ordered with a 10% savings to you from Wellevate.  Please feel free to register for an online account at https://wellevate.me/teresa-birkmeier-fredal/. Your family members and friends are welcome to register for an account and take advantage of the savings also.