If you’re living with pain, chronic illnesses, mystery symptoms that never seem to resolve, or are simply seeking to optimize your health, it’s time you found real answers for your medical issues.

The Restorative Medicine Center provides a new model of medicine that incorporates the best diagnostic tools and technologies from conventional medicine, as well as emerging tests and tools that help us identify the critical imbalances that are at the root of your symptoms.

Our providers are trained to provide you with cutting-edge testing and innovative treatments to find the answers you deserve and a treatment plan that is personalized to your specific condition. We’ll guide you every step of the way, monitoring your results to not only improve your symptoms, but optimize your health and improve your quality of life.

Welcome to our practice and long overdue answers!

Meet our Team

The following is a list of our personnel and where they are available. By clicking below you will be able to learn more about them and their role in our group.

Teresa Birkmeier-Fredal, MD

Dr. Birkmeier-Fredal is a board certified Family Medicine Physician who now provides Functional Medicine Consultations to patients of all ages.

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