Patient Testimonials

Submitted by Rachel B.

I’ve been a patient at RMC for almost 2 years now.  I had been to over 10 doctors who could not help me get better and heard about Dr. Birkmeier from my lyme support group.

When I first started as a patient here, I could barely get out of bed, and when I did, I walked slower than a turtle because of all of my pain.  I had constant fevers, dizziness, nausea, confusion, loss of memory and my hands were like claws because they were so inflamed.  I felt like I had the flu 24/7.  Dr. Birkmeier slowly helped me detox and began addressing all my infections.  She was always monitoring my progress with bloodwork and monthly visits.  She dug deep when symptoms didn’t improve and helped me discover I had mold in my house that was contributing to my illness.  It has been a bumpy road with ups and downs but with her patience and persistence I am now living and enjoying my life again!


Submitted by Joe C.

I was prompted to come to RMC due to fatigue, muscle & joint pain, IBS, Fodmap, bloating, extreme cramping, Lyme disease & CIRS.  Dr. B diagnosed gut bacteria and treated with Rifampin.  I was then able to tolerate eating many foods again with no bloating and pain.  Prior to treatment spices like garlic and onion that we use often in cooking created extreme amounts of hydrogen to build in the gut as well as certain foods.  Truly there were few safe foods that did not create pain or hives.  She is continuing to treat Lyme & CIRS.  We are so thankful for Dr. B and her peaceful staff and office.  I have been treated by many doctors for my Lyme and few have her compassion and patience.


Submitted by Tracey M.

I had been a patient at the Fibro Fatigue Center.  I was lost when Dr. Moustafa died.  A former patient highly recommended Dr. Birkmeier.

I have learned so much about my health since coming to the RMC.  I have become a fan of functional medicine and love Dr. Birkmeier’s approach of looking for the root cause.  I have been searching for the reason why I haven’t improved over time.  Dr. Birkmeier looks a symptoms and interactions rather than fixing a symptom.  I also like how she involves me in treatment decisions.  I really feel like this is a real partnership.  I frequently refer other to the RMC.  The staff here is fantastic.  They are welcoming and friendly.  I consider it a blessing to have found this practice.


Submitted by Judy O.

I have been coming to RMC for 7.5 months and was referred by Linda from Michigan Lyme Association.  I am from Windsor Ontario and Ontario doctors do not treat Lyme disease.  Very, very few do.  I am now receiving treatment and my condition is somewhat getting better.  I am now hopeful that in time I will return to a reasonable normal life.


Submitted by Elissa K.

I have been a patient at RMC for 3-4 years.  No one else could help me and I thought I was dying.  Dr. B has saved my life in so many ways.  From discovering my thyroid meds were incorrect to so many other findings that give me hope.  And I know that I am in excellent hands.  She is a Godsend.