Hormone Optimization

When we lose our hormones, the aging process accelerates. The natural, physiologic decline in hormone levels is a significant contributor to the degenerative and age-related loss of physical and mental function in both women and men. The neuroendocrine theory of aging states: “Our hormone levels do not decline because we age; we age because our hormone levels decline.”

The Restorative Medicine Center strives to identify and correct hormones that are out of balance including Thyroid and Adrenal Hormones as well as Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone.  Hormone testing is typically done through Quest and covered by insurance.  Blood spot testing can be done as well when necessary.  Our typical treatment protocols utilize bio-identical hormone replacement in addition to herbal and nutritional hormone support. We have a great respect for the power of hormone replacement and will always utilize the lowest and safest effective doses to maximize benefits while minimizing risks and side effects.

Hormone optimization is not the only solution for all that ails the aging person, but it certainly is a strong pillar in the foundation of ultimate health.