Stealth Pathogen Evaluation and Treatment

Stealth pathogens are an often overlooked, but very common, cause os unexplained medical syndromes. Common signs and symptoms are extremely subtle and often have no apparent connection to what is generally accepted as signs of infection. They include worsening allergies, recurrent sinusitis, autoimmune disease, chronic diarrhea, brain fog, rash, anemia, delayed inflammation, food intolerance, and hormonal imbalance.

Common pathogens that can present themselves in the stealth state of infection include Candida, giardia, Epstein Barr virus, Borrelia (causes Lyme Disease), various hepatitis viruses (causing hepatitis A, B, C and E), and H. Pylori (causing gastric discomfort and ulcer).

At the Restorative Medicine Center we utilize both direct and indirect lab testing to identify stealth pathogens.  Most of this testing is done through Quest Labs and is covered by insurance.  At times it is also necessary to use specialized labs when a higher level of sensitivity and specificity is required.  We have found that identifying and treating stealth pathogens has been the key to restoring health in many of our patients.

Treatment for these infections is always individualized and includes a variety of prescription and herbal antimicrobials.

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